Sports Injury Testimonials

"In order to relieve the back pain I was experiencing, I would regularly go for a massage every month. While it helped for a week or so, the pain would return and ultimately it was just a temporary fix. I've been advised a couple of times to see a chiropractor but just recently, I decided to give it a go!

I've been going to Dr. Mark for about four months now, and in just a few of my first visits, I could already feel a difference in my body! I know my back pain is a result of poor posture, carrying 10lbs of textbooks in highschool/college, and perhaps a couple slips & falls here and there from sports. Dr. Mark cares about how your body feels, and even with his subtle adjustments, you WILL feel a great difference. Dr. Mark has done a great job suggesting different practices to help relieve the pressure on my back and educating me about why my body may feel a certain way & how to prevent it. It's amazing learning about nerve interference, and how that makes a BIG difference in how our bodies function!

So after just 8 visits, I went back to my masseuse and he noticed how much better my back was without me even mentioning that I was now seeing a chiropractor!

Lastly, the staff at this office is wonderful (shoutout to Andrea & Dr. Mark's wife, Lorie)! I come here 3x/week, and it's something I always look forward too!

Thanks, Dr. Mark & Staff!"


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