Shoulder & Arm Pain Testimonials

"I have been going to chiropractors for many years. Back in Pennsylvania, I needed help for my back, across the shoulders, and lower back, and for bronchitis and chronic coughing. I always regretted stopping chiropractic when i felt better, but it seemed the thing to do. Back East the symptoms became more aggravated as I got older. Moving to Southern California helped a great deal. Having continued treatment at the Mossuto Clinic, I have enjoyed health in my later years. "

Harry M.

"I first met Dr. Mark and Jamie in July 1999 at the Miramar Air Show where they were providing free SEMG tests to the public. At that time, I was suffering from mild, but chronic, pains in my left shoulder. The second SEMG test in Dr. Mark's office confirmed a definite imbalance in my neuro-skeletal system. Dr. Mark asked me if I wanted to treat the immediate symptom or treat the underlying source of my pain-naturally I chose the second choice. And thus started my daily visits for the first couple of months. I was amazed that within two or three visits my mysterious pain disappeared. I kept seeing Dr. Mark to help restore balance to my system, and also because he kept me healthy without the use of any drugs. I deeply cherish the relationships that he so caringly nurtures. I respect the knowledge and care that he demonstrates. Dr. Mark also helped me when my back gave out on me after I did some improper lifting of some heavy boxes. Dr. Mark is an awesome man and I share my testimonial as a tribute to him."

Rick G.

"As active military it’s important that my health take priority and I stay in the best possible shape I can. I came to see Dr. Mark for overall health and wellness as well as some shoulder pain I was experiencing. After only a few visits, Dr. Mark corrected the problem and I feel more balanced with less pain. Dr. Mark is extremely knowledgeable and very approachable. Thank you Dr. Mark for all you do!"

Codie Ballard

"I couldn't turn my head to the left. I had to walk the stairs one at a time. My shoulders and legs pained me at night, and i couldn't sleep. My lower back pained me as well. Now i can walk stairs like a normal person. The pain has left my shoulders, arms, legs, and back. I feel like a new person! Also, I haven't had pain in my neck and can turn it both ways, thanks to Dr. Mark. He is the greatest! It has made me feel so good and very happy."

Helen C.

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