Scoliosis Testimonials

San Diego Scoliosis

"Prior to the Schroth Best Practice program I was under the impression that the only cure to my back pain and scoliosis was surgery and my career being an athlete was concluding. After going through the program, my flexibility improved dramatically, my breathing improved, and I am able to tumble without little to no pain. It was truly life changing. My primary Doctor told me I would never be allowed to play sports again, and he always encourage pain medication/surgery. Going through the Schroth Best Practice program made me feel like a new person. Now I feel healthier, more confident, and happier! I now do not take anti-anxiety or any other medication anymore. It was definitely worth the time and effort."

Katie G.

"I had a fusion for scoliosis when I was 15, but when I realized at 29 my scoliosis had worsened I became very concerned for my future mobility. My primary care doctor sent me to a physical therapist who told me there was nothing she could do aside from medicate me for the pain or refer me for another surgery. I did Schroth work with Dr. Mark and learned the exercises that can help prevent my scoliosis from continually worsening, but I also learned how to do everyday activities in a way specific to my body. I found exactly what I was looking for here, and I no longer worry about how I will feel in another 10 years!"

Carly B.

"Dr. Mark Mossuto started with a thorough assessment of my scoliosis condition. He diagnosed the type of the curve, and explained the principles of Schroth and how it may benefit my condition. The length of the program is adequate to allow a moderate pace. He introduced me to routines and developing better every-day habits related to keeping my spine healthy. The center is nice, clean, and warm. Dr. Mark is very sociable, likes to share his knowledge, and is always available to address concerns. I would absolutely refer my friends and family to Dr. Mark!"

Elena B.

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