Hip & Leg Pain Testimonials

After I told Dr. Mark how much pain I had in all the muscles throughout my body from fibromyalgia, he wanted to get started right away. I couldn't stand very long or walk very far without sitting down. Three weeks and three days later, I was healed! I was able to stand during an hour service and later at a night service in my church! There was no longer any weakness or pain in my legs. What a blessing to start the New Year! My health too has improved by leaps and bounds, thanks to my Chiropractor - Dr. Mark Mossuto!

Patricia C.

"When I brought my grandson to see Dr. Mark, he suffered from migraines, tiredness, and congestion. After just a couple of months, what a world of difference! Dr. Mark, Miracle Worker! - Fred Q.

When I walked into Dr. Mark's office I was in excruciating pain from my hip all the down my left leg. It was so bad that pain medication didn't help. I had been suffering with this pain for about 4 months before finding my miracle doctor (Dr. Mark). I was in bed during those months with chronic pain. I wasn't able to do my daily activities like take a shower, walk, sit down, or hug my 3 yr old granddaughter. I had seeked help from a family practitioner, acupuncture, and massages nothing seemed to help for more than a day. After only a couple of treatments the improvement was drastic I was able to walk even run a little!!!! With each visit it only gets better and better. I also experienced improvements in other areas of my health I felt more energy, better sleep, and increased circulation. THANK YOU!!!!!"

Atlihuetzia C.

"I couldn't turn my head to the left. I had to walk the stairs one at a time. My shoulders and legs pained me at night, and i couldn't sleep. My lower back pained me as well. Now i can walk stairs like a normal person. The pain has left my shoulders, arms, legs, and back. I feel like a new person! Also, I haven't had pain in my neck and can turn it both ways, thanks to Dr. Mark. He is the greatest! It has made me feel so good and very happy."

Helen C.

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