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"When I first came to see Dr. Mark, I thought I was in a pretty good state of health. After (my first visit) he gave me my test results and explained what was going on and what we can do to feel better. So here I am a few months into my sessions and I feel GREAT! Sleep better, my eyesight improved, I hardly use my CRT (corneal refractive therapy) lenses, usually put them on every night, now it's once or twice a week. No more calf cramps. I can run and play with my grandkids or play ball. Life is good! Thank you Dr. Mark and God bless."

Fred Q.

"I had headaches every day. Sometimes they weren't that bad, but they would stay at the back of my head all day no matter what. I would also get occasional migraines, and when I exercised I would get a sharp pain in y lower back area. I even got stuck on the floor a couple of times.

The lower back started when I was twelve, and the the headaches started when I was 13 or 14 years old. I started seeing a chiropractor when I was 20 years old. It was my first chance to try something new. Before chiropractic, I just endured. I took almost every kind of pain medicine on the market, and none of it worked for very long. My doctor thought it might be allergies and suggested cutting things out of my diet, but that never worked either.

Dr Mark was the first chiropractor I saw. Since then, my headaches only come 2-3 times a month. I get a migraine every three months, if that. As far as back pain, I haven't gotten stuck since my first few months coming to see Dr. Mark. I am a lot more active and healthy. I don't have headaches slowing me down, and I am not afraid to move a certain way anymore. I can exercise without being afraid to get stuck on my back the next day. The release of those things has made me able to relax and be happy more often. I can smile without wincing from pain, and that has improved my daily living tremendously. The ability to smile or share a joke with someone who is having a bad day and cheer them up is my favorite hobby. Thank you, Dr. Mark, for helping me be able to help others"

Deb N.

"I have been experiencing severe headaches for nearly ten years. Prior to headaches, I had enjoyed an excellent level of health and fitness. When the headaches became more frequent, this level of fitness was lost. I sought every available medical opinion, including general physicians, neurologists, and other medical professionals. After taking many different medications, having CAT-scans and X-rays, I was left with taking self-injected medications to treat the headaches. My health plan did not provide chiropractic benefits, so had not considered this medical discipline. Then I met Dr. Mark. He invited me to his office for an exam and was quite certain that he could help alleviate the headaches. I was skeptical.

After one year of adjustments, education and encouragement, I am now headache free and enjoying an excellent level of fitness which includes running, hiking, and keeping up with my young kids. Mark has been quite modest about his efforts, saying that he only freed up the nervous system to do its own healing. Regardless of where you place credit, Mark and his team have been great friends to me and have given me back a quality of life that I thought was lost forever. Thank you!"

Chris S.

"This is for my grandson, (who is 6 years old). When I brought him to see Dr. Mark, he had some issues. He was complaining of headaches (his pediatrician diagnosed it as a migraine) that would last for days and sniffling a lot. He seemed to be tired most of the time too. It's been a couple of months now (that he has been receiving adjustments). What a world of difference! He's in Tae Kwon Do, WOW! When you see him workout in class, it's just amazing how he can do those high kicks and tricks with ease and BALANCE. Dr. Mark, Miracle Worker! Yes. Thank you."

Fred Q.

"Before I came to Mossuto Chiropractic Center, I had headaches almost everyday and felt just terrible, which put me behind in school. I've been feeling this way since I was young and I've tried taking prescribed medication every night, but it was only helping a little. As soon as I started coming here, it's been a lot better. I barely have any headaches, I have A LOT more energy, and it has improved my life tremendously. Thank you so much."

Kyrstin B. (12 years old)

"The reason I started coming to Mossuto Chiropractic Center was because I had chronic migraines. I heard that chiropractic had worked on others and didn't want to be popping expensive pain killers anymore. I have been receiving care now for 5 months and have not had a migraine the whole time. It's been such a great relief! I am so thankful to Dr. Mark for helping me live life without pain."

Rebecca G.

"I have been having back pain, dizziness, and migraines for a few years. My pregnancy in 2004 made it even worse. I had previously been to physical therapy and had just learned to "live with it". A friend recommended Dr. Mark. What a difference! My dizziness is gone, and my back pain and migraines almost never happen anymore. My overall habits and lifestyle have changed for the better since taking up care with Dr. Mark. Thanks so much!!"

Sarah P.

"I have wanted to go to a chiropractor for years, but I was hesitant and nervous about letting someone "crack" my neck. But my constant headaches, backaches, migraines, and asthma finally got to be too much. I have had asthma all my life and the headaches since I was stationed on the Kittyhawk. I saw a physical therapist (who gave me Motrin) and the GMO (and received more Motrin). Since I have been coming to see Dr. Mark and his cohorts, my life has improved, I can sleep soundly, stand up straight, breathe without an inhaler, and I haven't had a headache or migraine in almost a year! Thanks guys! I am living life to the fullest! "

Charity G.

"Ever since my teenage years I have been experiencing neck and shoulder pain which caused horrible migraines. As I got older, they seemed to become more frequent, as well as more severe. Since I have started coming to Dr. Mark's office, I rarely (if ever) get migraines. I also have more energy and a better overall well-being. I feel like Dr. Mark has not only helped me physically, but also mentally in that he has given me ideas and guidelines on how to live a healthier, fuller life."

Melanie A.

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