Scoliosis Program

Scoliosis Progam and Bracing

Dr. Mark Mossuto is committed to helping each patient achieve his or her best possible outcome whether or not their curve is mild, moderate or severe.

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Our Schroth program is based on the the protocols used at the Asklepios Katharina Schroth Clinic in Germany, AND the newer innovations in conservative care by Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss called Scoliologic® which incorporate activities of daily living for scoliosis and simple 3D corrective exercises known as 3D Made Easy®.

Each individual learns the benefits of auto-correction throughout the day and how best to incorporate it. This offers our patients a critical advantage. During intensive instruction a corrected postural stance is learned while standing, walking, sitting etc. according to specific guidelines. The goal is to teach the patient to counteract the likelihood of spinal curve progression and to reduce symptoms associated with scoliosis.

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For some adolescents, there is opportunity to achieve curve reduction (results vary according to individual) and improve posture via exercise, bracing, or both. We find that early treatment yields the best results rather than the "let's just wait and see" approach. Adults experience various benefits as well, including a case of documented Cobb angle reduction in an adult.

The program can be completed within one week for patients traveling to the San Diego area from out of state or country or over 6 weeks or so for more local patients. Mild curves require less instruction.

Bracing for Scoliosis

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Based on the results achieved using the Cheneau-Gensingen brace we believe it is the best brace available for scoliosis. The Chêneau-Gensingen® Brace is an asymmetric, rigid TLSO for scoliosis designed with openings at the spinal concavities. The brace openings allow for Schroth rotational breathing which means that while the brace is worn each breath is a corrective breath!

Some of Dr. Mossuto's adolescent patients use a scoliosis brace in conjunction with their Schroth Method program. Some choose bracing alone. The choice is up to an individual family. Either way, the German scoliosis solutions offered here in the U.S. offer the best in scoliosis alternatives choices.

Dr. Mossuto recommends the Cheneau – Gensingen Scoliosis Brace in the U.S. to offer families with adolescents the newest innovation from Europe – developed by Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss.

Successful bracing for scoliosis requires compliance, as does the Schroth Method.

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