Measures to Minimize COVID-19 Infection

Measures to Minimize COVID-19 infection and maximize your immunity to protect yourself, family, and loved ones:

  1. COVID-19 clinic protocols involve social distancing during your office visit. Our indoor and outdoor reception area allows for 6 feet distance between patients entering and exiting our center. Additionally our frequent disinfection protocols and procedures have always been and will remain exceptional. Our individual adjusting rooms allow for patients to be adjusted without coming near (6 feet) of other patients. Doctor Mossuto will wash hands in between patients (this is more effective than glove procedures).

  2. Protect and confine your elderly loved ones (80+ yrs old) and minimize any public contact especially those with chronic illness such as: cardiovascular disease, lung disease, immune disease, and/or diabetes.

  3. Practice excellent hygiene which involves frequent washing of hands for 60 seconds in hot water with lathering soapy disinfectant suds.

  4. Hydrate with 2-3 liters of pure fresh water per day. Eliminate intake of any processed foods and increase fresh fruits, vegetables, and high protein food sources (preferably organic). Vitamin and mineral supplements (consult with your Doctor of Chiropractic for recommendations).

  5. If you have a fever, shortness of breath, and cough do not visit our clinic and immediately report to a local medical facility for COVID-19 testing and if necessary treatment and quarantine.

  6. For healthy non symptomatic individuals limit public exposure to essential workplace employment and activities such as visits to your Doctor of Chiropractic and/or other health care professionals, grocery shopping, and necessary supplies.

Thank you.

*This information is not intended to imply that chiropractic adjustments can cure Covid-19 infection nor can it prevent you from contracting Covid-19 if exposed.